World Cultures Ethiopia

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Specially printed in color, and accessible with stunning back-lit color images, this “single” recounts the adventures of Jackie Chase in Ethiopia.

This story begins with a quote, “"Not I nor anyone else can travel that road for you. You must travel it for yourself." Walt Whitman. [Luckily, you have the author’s gift of images and colorful language to save the expense and reduce the fear associated with primitive cultures.]

“Paint a picture of a dry desert with starving people, and Ethiopia comes to mind. Ethiopia, one of the most compelling countries in Africa, opens pathways that allow us to step back in time. The word “history” found its initial breath millions of years ago with the first human remains unearthed near the capital, Addis Abba. Away from the scramble of city life, ripples of vivid lime to dark pine feed the eye…Looking for an anthropological expedition? Make contact with primitive tribes in the southwest, the richest concentration of aboriginal tribes in the entirety of Africa. These primitive tribes share ethics, values, and goals of non-materialistic traditions…Compensated with the symbolic and ornamental wealth on their embellished bodies, people live satisfied and balanced lives…The Mursi, Hammer, Karo, Konso, Galeb, and Borana tribes all co­exist in a cracked and craggy environment, forgotten by the rest of the world. Here, the visitor can see the Africa of yesterday. In their hidden cloisters, these tribesmen’s symbolic customs flourish through body adornment. The power of nature dominates while strong ties link them to the Omo River as their main life source.”

[The story of the author’s encounters will find you turning pages in disbelief as this Midwest mother of four tackles the impossible.]

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