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100 People to Meet Before You Die

Travel to Exotic Cultures


Travel writing can offer scenes of great buildings and landscapes or can introduce the reader to new friends from fascinating cultures. This anthology of stories about villagers living in 12 exotic cultures allows everyone to experience the wonders of our fascinating world both visually, through 321 images, and in a colorful narrative.

By sharing the trailblazing adventures of Jackie Chase, a Midwest housewife and mother of four, you can experience:

  • The warmth of unexpected friendships and smiles half a world away from home
  • Photo opportunities that capture extraordinary lifestyles or giggling children
  • Rituals of life's passages like marriage, puberty, elaborate funeral processions, or holidays
  • Memories of Moroccan bisteeya, a three-layer sweet pie in thin pastry, eaten with fingers
  • Close observation of the daily lives of people in unfamiliar settings
  • New perspectives on the practices of family customs in foreign lands

The journey with Jackie takes puts you behind her camera and lets you share her journal, away from the mundane habits and predictable schedules of everyday life. Like good fiction, there is adventure and surprise, but here, it's all true.

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Multi-cultural Workers Find Diversity Recipe to Heal a Troubled World


Would you like to peek behind the scenes of the world’s largest floating resort to see how 79 different cultures work and live together ‘24-7’? Universally relevant stories create an inclusion recipe that celebrates human differences including race, customs, gender, age, religion etc. They open minds to cross-cultural awareness or respect in organizations worldwide. Current technology makes it possible to deliver an eBook to every worker in an organization to enhance its mission and stimulate a widely-shared attitude adjustment that produces success through cooperative creativity. Diversity at work pays creativity dividends for employer and worker. Imagine applying this team-building magic in government, campus, non-profit or business settings!


For proposal and discount pricing on a significant volume of eBooks for all employees, write to: and list the number of employees, HQ city, contact email, name, title and phone.
There are consultants to assist you with survey design and evaluation if required. The book is effective and can be customized for each employer, including the option of a FOREWORD by a top executive.


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'24-7' H.R. Guide for "Inclusion See Books 1&2


This guide will assist HR professionals who wish to improve the climate for "inclusion" in their organization. It contains suggestions and referenced to two books, in either eBook or print format, that are fun to read and contain many stories from the mouths of workers on how they celebrate "differences" between themselves and other workers and guests and how strangers become friends.

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'24-7' Inclusion: Crew Life: Cruise Friendships Book 2


Crew Life presents an anthology of stories told by crew members. The stories are personal and professional, but they have a unique role for today’s times. That role is to share specific ways they have experienced where they came in contact with people from manydifferent countries and cultures, and the result was genuinefriendship.

This book shares a number of stories about fellow workers or crew members who live and work together aboard a floating resort. If you are part of any type of team, whether for profit, government, academic or charity, the stories will likely help you to perform better and perhaps help you advance in your chosen occupation. The stories will certainly show what life is like aboard ship, and why it takes a month or so to get comfortable working at sea; but it will also satisfy your curiosity about the many skills needed to be a success in the hospitality or any other industry.

The setting is the Columbus, one of a fleet of six cruise ships operated by Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV). The people interviewed range from old timers to new hires, and they simply tell about their lives, jobs and family, but they all have in common the desire to get acquainted with their fellow crew members who just happen to be from over a couple dozen countries. That makes for some interesting friendships and reading.

The stories describe the process of befriending people who are different; by the last page, you will remember a number of examples showing how you, too, might be able to greet someone, perhaps born in a foreign country or culture, or at least “different” in some way. If you are curious about the cruise business, you have many more reasons to want to peek beneath the waterline of a cruise ship and learn about the lives of those in this industry who have the pleasant task of pleasing passengers aboard ship.

Curiously, the benefits are not limited to large companies. One seafarer we know reported that his mom, a hairdresser, used the smile and greet friendliness and found her solo-worker business nearly doubled as a result. And this book reports many cases where  promotions seemed to follow inclusion, teamwork, and leadership.

This book shares stories from crew and management on how to deal with life aboard, and how to apply the golden rule of respect for others who may have quite different cultures from yours. The principles shared in this book’s crew comments are applicable to any group of people associated in any type of organization. They are intended to help the reader learn to become a better representative for their employer and even their own families. Respect and smiles help the “smiler” as well as the “smilee”!

Your first introduction will be to the Captain! He is waiting foryou to turn the page and start your exciting journey around the world.

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All Hands Working Together

Cruise for a Week: Meet 79 Cultures


On the surface, this is about the world’s largest cruise ship. But in fact, it is a blueprint for managers to encourage teamwork to serve customers whether the organization is a business, charity, or government. The fact that the crewmembers are from 79 countries makes the story an especially interesting and exceptional one. For readers who want to be treated like royalty, they can learn about life in the never-ending voyage of cruising. All Hands Working Together peeks below the waterline and behind water-tight doors to discover the secrets of how a crew from those 79 nations blended into a guest-pleasing team.

Cruise travel conjures up words like passion, yearning, and intense satisfaction. The laid-back attitudes, awesome entertainment, and superb food flavors awaken a wonderful place inside. But let's not rob ourselves of the most precious gift of all: the legends, history, music, food, and superstitions, of foreign traditions. Whether you are a cyber-traveler or one with cruise tickets in hand, you will want to climb aboard for a fun tour of this massive floating resort. Anchor yourself on a comfy cushion and experience a vacation that gets under your skin as its ideas change your life.

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How to Become an Escape Artist

A Travelers' Handbook


“How to Become an Escape Artist” A Travelers’ Handbook is the tool that could save any traveler from disappointing mistakes, lost opportunities, and financial loss. If you’ve ever dreamed of traipsing through wet jungles, anchoring your boat off hidden islands, or tossing coins into a magic fountain, get this book. A “road map” for travel, it contains tips and strategies based on practical travel experience in over a hundred countries. You will learn about:

  • Strange or familiar cultures, gestures, food, and customs
  • The how-to details on travel research as one of 192 sections packed with hints
  • Ideas for applying the lessons from inspiring stories and cautionary tales
  • Valuable pointers to prevent/cure health issues
  • Dealing with loneliness, compromising with co-travelers, and other personal issues
  • Ways to prepare as a senior, parent, single woman, or a cautious newbie
  • Opening your life to the rich variety of options for the traveler

You can take a journey vicariously or, armed with the author’s invaluable advice, visit exotic cultures yourself. Jackie Chase has more than four decades of travel experience in and out of over one hundred countries. She has lived temporarily in remote villages with tribal people and offers several fascinating books in this photo-journalism series. Links to hard-to-find websites help subgroups of travelers looking to share cruise cabins or swap homes or find guides or uncover other rare resources. Handy lists of all kinds, advice to request multiple entry visas, and the joys of communication without words make this a true handbook for everyone.

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How to Pack for a World Cruise


How to Pack for a World Cruise smooths the wrinkles of preparing, organizing, and packing for your incredible journey.

Did your unnecessary stuff weigh too much?

Long trips have unique challenges. Overlooking visa requirements can cost you thousands.

For women or men, it's all here. An experienced author is on your side, with more than 15 cruises including two world cruises behind her. Jackie Chase has earned over 30 international awards for her travel books, including two about cruise ships.

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Walking to Woot

A Photographic Narrative Discovering New Dimensions for Parent-Teen Bonding


Absorb a rare experience. Follow in the footsteps of Jackie and her teenage daughter, Katherine, as they offer a compulsively readable story of their conspiracy of curiosity and courage to explore the jungles of New Guinea. The story pierces time and place to treat the reader with an intimate peek inside a Stone-Age culture. Living in one of the most extraordinary and dangerous places on earth for four weeks, they realize the destination is not important. The richest treasure veins of life's experiences can be mined away from home.

Travel is the book's vehicle for the learning/growing process. It is the process of change, the awakening of a new dimension within them. Dramatic gains in self-confidence and self-sufficiency developed as these females responded creatively to challenges, overcame fear, raised tolerances for pain and discomfort, and found the courage within their inner resources. The trekkers invite the reader to reconnect ourselves to our inner hearts. The book offers inspiration to parents and teens who, in trying to be so many things to so many people, lose themselves. In each other, we see a reflection of our sixth sense, the passion for searching.

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