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Jackie Chase

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Jackie Chase realized in her high school years that she wanted more than just college, a career, and family. While working for an airline she tasted the world and found the nourishment she hungered for. But things change.

Marriage, four children, and dozens of pets all have their demands on one’s life. She introduced her family to other cultures with backpacking/hitchhiking trips to Mexico and Guatemala. Jackie’s daughter Katherine showed a preference for more remote travel compared to sailing trips. And that is when the “real” travel began. After returning from a month with teen Katherine living in huts with Stone Age people, Jackie discovered she loved adventure and photo/journalism. A new career developed. She wrote the featured articles for Transitions Abroad several times as well as for Marco Polo. More changes.

With her marriage over and children grown, she began a search for harmony within herself by traveling the most remote corners of the world. Without any foreign language skills, she figured out how to face the challenges of finding guides and transportation to unknown villages. She began to weave her fascination with other cultures into journals and later books.

Jackie now shares her 110 country travel experiences in five books which have earned over two dozen awards. Her unique “voice,” takes you into the scenes accompanied by story-telling photos of life in cultures we seldom observe


Multi-cultural Workers Find Diversity Recipe to Heal a Troubled World


Would you like to peek behind the scenes of the world’s largest floating resort to see how 79 different cultures work and live together ‘24-7’? Universally relevant stories create an inclusion recipe that celebrates human differences including race, customs, gender, age, religion etc. They open minds to cross-cultural awareness or respect in organizations worldwide. Current technology makes it possible to deliver an eBook to every worker in an organization to enhance its mission and stimulate a widely-shared attitude adjustment that produces success through cooperative creativity. Diversity at work pays creativity dividends for employer and worker. Imagine applying this team-building magic in government, campus, non-profit or business settings!

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World Cultures Kenya


Specially printed in color, and accessible with stunning back-lit color images, this “single” recounts the author’s adventures in Kenya.

This story begins, “The agency charged extra for an armed driver for the trip north from Nairobi toward Ethiopia and Somalia. Newspaper headlines reading, ‘Americans Robbed Again,’ warned of the lack of security along the dusty northern roads. One rumor passed along from hotel to hotel hinted that robbers killed a white woman for her money and passport.

Although I paid for an armed guard, the driver said he had no guns. The driver assured me of a safe trip and lacked any concern for robbers or hijackers. The grungy left-over-from-some-war vehicle had lost its doors and seat covers, so comfort and cleanliness were not on my travel menu. Miles and miles of hard-packed sand filled the horizon without a sign of a village or even tire tracks. Shapes of camels followed by strange-looking donkeys caught my eye…”

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