World Cultures India

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ISBN-13 978-1-93763-081-2
Other Formats Paperback

Specially printed in color, and accessible with stunning back-lit color images, this “single” recounts the adventures of Jackie Chase in India.

This story begins, “Travel virgins, inquisitives, or globetrotters succumb to the magnetism India exhales. Discover the authentic India through your mind's eye. The maze of sensory overload when you arrive weighs heavy on the heart. Outside layers of sights and sounds flirt with the senses, hoping to satisfy your expectations. Take giant steps to find the essence of India, buried in the richness of India's soul: the people. No other country in the world offers such a delectable palette: a melting pot of religions, cultures, and languages brought together by traders, pioneers, and soldiers for the last five thousand years. Escape a life sentence of boredom; join me in the labyrinth of alleyways painted with the sparkles, reflecting from mirrored baubles of Gujarati and Rajasthani women and Tibetans, standing guard in street-stall doorways. Landscapes, dotted with the powerful depth of vision transmitted in variations of extravagant architecture accent the scent of incense, spices, and poverty, as well as the sounds of claustrophobically dense cities. Colors more brilliant than any rainbow and tastes and textures of exotic foods combine to embroider the lush texture of India.”

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