Announcing new program,
Monday January 06, 2020 Announcing new program, has added a feature to recognize the early adopters of email blasts to all employed workers and other
stakeholders by attachment of eBooks with stories about ship crews from many nationalities. Since these eBook interviews are designed to be imitated, and since they show a process of befriending crewmembers from other countries, and since those successes can be repeated anywhere, those that take this distribution step should be recognized. There are already lists honoring employers that are Top Companies for Diversity and Inclusion, but the eBook campaign is different from most standard approaches, and a certificate honoring those employers will tend to help the ranking of those early adopters who pave the way for others. There will be sub-categories for employee counts. They are under 50, under 500, under 5000, under 50,000, and over 50,000. Low numbered certificates are awarded to early adopters."

'24-7' H.R. Guide for "Inclusion See Books 1&2


This guide will assist HR professionals who wish to improve the climate for "inclusion" in their organization. It contains suggestions and referenced to two books, in either eBook or print format, that are fun to read and contain many stories from the mouths of workers on how they celebrate "differences" between themselves and other workers and guests and how strangers become friends.

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'24-7' Inclusion: Crew Life: Cruise Friendships Book 2


Crew Life presents an anthology of stories told by crew members. The stories are personal and professional, but they have a unique role for today’s times. That role is to share specific ways they have experienced where they came in contact with people from manydifferent countries and cultures, and the result was genuinefriendship.

This book shares a number of stories about fellow workers or crew members who live and work together aboard a floating resort. If you are part of any type of team, whether for profit, government, academic or charity, the stories will likely help you to perform better and perhaps help you advance in your chosen occupation. The stories will certainly show what life is like aboard ship, and why it takes a month or so to get comfortable working at sea; but it will also satisfy your curiosity about the many skills needed to be a success in the hospitality or any other industry.

The setting is the Columbus, one of a fleet of six cruise ships operated by Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV). The people interviewed range from old timers to new hires, and they simply tell about their lives, jobs and family, but they all have in common the desire to get acquainted with their fellow crew members who just happen to be from over a couple dozen countries. That makes for some interesting friendships and reading.

The stories describe the process of befriending people who are different; by the last page, you will remember a number of examples showing how you, too, might be able to greet someone, perhaps born in a foreign country or culture, or at least “different” in some way. If you are curious about the cruise business, you have many more reasons to want to peek beneath the waterline of a cruise ship and learn about the lives of those in this industry who have the pleasant task of pleasing passengers aboard ship.

Curiously, the benefits are not limited to large companies. One seafarer we know reported that his mom, a hairdresser, used the smile and greet friendliness and found her solo-worker business nearly doubled as a result. And this book reports many cases where  promotions seemed to follow inclusion, teamwork, and leadership.

This book shares stories from crew and management on how to deal with life aboard, and how to apply the golden rule of respect for others who may have quite different cultures from yours. The principles shared in this book’s crew comments are applicable to any group of people associated in any type of organization. They are intended to help the reader learn to become a better representative for their employer and even their own families. Respect and smiles help the “smiler” as well as the “smilee”!

Your first introduction will be to the Captain! He is waiting foryou to turn the page and start your exciting journey around the world.

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