Precious Secrets for Cruisers
Friday June 08, 2018

Precious Secrets for Cruisers

Cruising for More Than a Week? Foreign shore excursions? Packing Questions? Concerned about Wasting Time, Money, or Sleepless Nights?

Get How to Pack for a World Cruise by Jackie Chase! Smart people do their research and here it’s done for you. Travel like a pro with Jackie Chase as your experienced guide. A cruise is supposed to be a pleasant vacation experience on a floating resort. Delicious food, great shore views, new places to see and people to meet. [You don’t even need to step ashore to meet interesting foreign cultures: how about your food service staff and room stewards? On one of Jackie Chase’s Caribbean cruises, there were 79 nationalities on the crew!]

Then there are the entertainment options, educational lectures, sport games, gambling, and loads of activities that could be curtailed by a lack of planning if you don’t think ahead. You don’t know what you don’t know, and Jackie will take your hand and guide you toward saving precious time and money if you read her book before your trip. You don’t have to book a world cruise, just one longer than a week, to get the full benefits. Bon Voyage! 


How to Pack for a World Cruise


How to Pack for a World Cruise smooths the wrinkles of preparing, organizing, and packing for your incredible journey.

Did your unnecessary stuff weigh too much?

Long trips have unique challenges. Overlooking visa requirements can cost you thousands.

For women or men, it's all here. An experienced author is on your side, with more than 15 cruises including two world cruises behind her. Jackie Chase has earned over 30 international awards for her travel books, including two about cruise ships.

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