How to Become an Escape Artist

A Travelers' Handbook

Release Date
Format Paperback Value Edition 200 pages 6 x 9 inches B&W Photography
Category Travel
ISBN-13 978-1-93763-022-5
Other Formats eBook / Paperback

“How to Become an Escape Artist” A Travelers’ Handbook is the tool that could save any traveler from disappointing mistakes, lost opportunities, and financial loss. If you’ve ever dreamed of traipsing through wet jungles, anchoring your boat off hidden islands, or tossing coins into a magic fountain, get this book. A “road map” for travel, it contains tips and strategies based on practical travel experience in over a hundred countries. You will learn about:

  • Strange or familiar cultures, gestures, food, and customs
  • The how-to details on travel research as one of 192 sections packed with hints
  • Ideas for applying the lessons from inspiring stories and cautionary tales
  • Valuable pointers to prevent/cure health issues
  • Dealing with loneliness, compromising with co-travelers, and other personal issues
  • Ways to prepare as a senior, parent, single woman, or a cautious newbie
  • Opening your life to the rich variety of options for the traveler

You can take a journey vicariously or, armed with the author’s invaluable advice, visit exotic cultures yourself. Jackie Chase has more than four decades of travel experience in and out of over one hundred countries. She has lived temporarily in remote villages with tribal people and offers several fascinating books in this photo-journalism series. Links to hard-to-find websites help subgroups of travelers looking to share cruise cabins or swap homes or find guides or uncover other rare resources. Handy lists of all kinds, advice to request multiple entry visas, and the joys of communication without words make this a true handbook for everyone.

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