World Cultures Borneo

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ISBN-13 978-1-93763-069-0
Other Formats Paperback

Specially printed in color, and accessible with stunning back-lit color images, this “single” recounts the adventures of Jackie Chase in Borneo. This story begins, “Sitting cross-legged on the floor of the canoe, my elbows scraping the raw splintery sides, I felt the intensity of Borneo on my skin. Small and sweaty, my guide strained his muscular arms to paddle hard, propelling the canoe around a river bend, well-traveled and cut deep in the mud. As the expanse of the brown lake water widened, an occasional view of water buffalo or a pair of freshwater dolphins offered diversion during the four hours I sat scrunched in the narrows of the leaky canoe. My legs felt like Jell-O. The smell of leaking fuel burned my nostrils…  The silent boat driver maneuvered the wobbly canoe with skill as razor sharp slivers of coconut grass crisscrossed my arms in red.”

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